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electromagnetic engineering

RF, EMC, ESD shield

S2, S8, UL, CSA, FCC, EFT, ESD, EMC, Laser, FDA services

compliance engineering support

safety, RF, EMC consulting

RF test lab, FCC test lab








[39th year: 1979 - 2018]




Certified Product Safety Engineer

Certified Master EMC Design Engineer


Affiliated with

European Union Notified Body

In addition to our typical product evaluations,

we can Certify products for which the

European Union Directives mandate a Notified Body.


Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB)

Your one stop compliance engineering test and design lab for any equipment category for any agency in the world.


Engineering Office: Los Gatos, California USA.

EMC/ESD Engineering Office: Santa Clara, California USA.

Electromagnetics Engineering Office: Los Gatos, California USA

All work completed in USA.


Categories such as Medical Equipment; Medical Devices; Information Technology Equipment; Industrial, Scientific, and Medical Equipment; Semiconductor Equipment; Measurement, Control, and Laboratory Equipment.


Regulations such as RF, EMC, EHS, EFT, ESD, RoHS, WEEE, REACH, Product Safety.


Agencies and designations such as CE, FDA, BSI, FCC, CSA, UL, SEMI, NEC, IC (industry canada).



408.399.7001 fax



Our Mission

ce/fcc test lab. emc esd emi test lab.

helps product designers and manufacturers with regulations and design.


compliance engineering designs.

to comply with FDA, RF, EMC, EMI, EHS, ESD, EFT, and Product Safety agency mandates.


decrease radio frequency (RF) interference and  electromagnetic waves.


increase product data transfer integrity.


pulver shield. emi disc.

rf disc. emc disc. reduce electromagnetic radiation / increase ESD protection.


protect products from ElectroStatic Discharge using patented EMC Disc.


develop cost effective solutions for semiconductor industry SEMI programs.

Our Basis


meet targets: ship products on time with correct compliance systems and strategies.


compliance engineering resource: Pulver Labs evaluates your product to determine conformance to recognized regulatory agency product standards.


zero defects: quality policy.

ISO 9000 and ISO 25 systems.


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